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Our Philosophy

The financial services industry is in a constant state of flux. Legislation, product changes, demographic shifts, economic conditions among others will always impact how we interact with our finances. Our basic philosophy is to take the sophistication of our industry, create a higher level of predictability, and deliver an unprecedented level of satisfaction to our valued clients. We seek a deeper understanding that can't be achieved with a pen and paper test or online risk questionnaire that pigeon holes clients into one of 5 or so investment portfolios. We believe our clients deserve a custom, living and breathing financial plan tailored around each individual set of circumstances - whether we're business owners, retirees, professionals, trades persons, widow(er)s, divorcees, or multi-generational wealth.

Our investment philosophy is one of long term planning. While short term opportunities abound, our ability to make rational decisions as emotional human beings gets in the way of turning those opportunities into a return on capital. Often because of such emotions, many investors become more concerned with the return OF their investments rather than the return ON their investments. By adhering to a sound strategic asset allocation with proper risk management, we can mitigate the emotional response and work on long term profitability. 

Our financial planning focus is on complete financial health. While investments are the primary revenue stream of our business, without proper management of the entire financial plan, our valued clients may not receive as sound an outcome should we focus only on investments. We also employ Accredited Investment Fiduciary™ standards with high levels of professional responsibility core to our investment selection. Our processes are built for a higher degree of fiduciary care, fiscal responsibility, and the overall financial health of our clients. We are primarily fee for assets under management in our approach, though we can blend multiple disciplines of investing to reach your goals. Our world of investments is very diverse and we offer a multitude of investment options for our clients.

Our fastest growing client segment is within the dental community. Both generalists and specialists - all have a business to run with only so many hours in the week to drive profitability. As business owners we leverage their potentially strong revenues to reduce taxes, increase retained assets and plan for the many stages of a dental professionals life-cycle. We also see a significant lack of understanding of many products dentists purchase from financial and insurance professionals. We employ a proprietary health check on the assets, investments and insurance our dentists have purchased to reduce pointless costs, insure accurately, and make sure our dentists are keeping their hard earned dollars in their own pockets.

We have had a long standing relationship with the legal community - be it educator, legal consultant, corporate attorney, in house council, independent attorney, you name it. Like dental and medical professionals, legal professionals have a unique set of needs when it comes to financial planning and we're here to see to those through. We also work a lot with the emerging wealthy - those early in their careers with a high level of income and at the beginning or intermediate stages of wealth accumulation. Some call them "HENRY"s High Earners, Not Rich Yet.

While the dental industry makes up the bulk of our business, we actively work with dozens of families and businesses across the nation, within many sectors, ages and demographics - from San Jose, CA to Burke, VA, as far South and Miami, FL to as far North as Minneapolis, MN.  It all comes down to the personal touch, being able to get a firm understanding of each client's challenges and opportunities and working together for a healthier financial future.