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About Engage:

Engage Wealth Advisors LLC is an investment, insurance and financial planning firm in Overland Park, Kansas, San Diego, California, and Chicago, Illinois that serves clients in many areas across the nation. We lead first with financial planning - which can sound very vague and has become a buzzword in the industry whether an advisor actually builds financial plans or not. We strive to clean up the confusion. We leverage technology, first organizing your financial life, then build a road map to help achieve your financial goals and share it in a way that's understandable and impactful now and throughout your life. With specific targets, investing makes a lot more sense than blindly throwing money somewhere hoping that at some point it will achieve some far off, undefined objective. How else can we help you reach a work-optional lifestyle well before you're worried about social security?

We've developed specific advice for dentists, doctors and healthcare professionals. Challenged with top-heavy ownership, employee demographics, debt and the always changing tax code, dentists have much more to consider in their financial plan than most other professionals. This specific advice is regularly tailored to high income earners, small business owners, next generation wealth as well as their families and friends. We take our advice very seriously and don't want your loved ones left without sound advice just because they don't fit some big firm's financial profile.

We regularly meet with clients in the Kansas City, San Diego, and Chicago metropolitan areas. Because of our technology and the need for our specific advice, we find ourselves regularly engaging clients in all corners of our great nation. 

If you would like to learn more about our process, investment philosophy, software or other specifics, please call and ask for one of our advisors at 913.681.9155.